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    無添加のType Green


    オイルにして生計をたてています。 一人の人間が一粒のオ

    の商品も間違いなく100% カラマタ産エクストラヴァージ


    We have 4 different levels of olive oil:
    ・Green………….Extra virgin without the use of chemical
    fertilizers of pesticides.
    ・Moss Green…Last year’s Green product.
    ・Gold…………..Extra virgin that uses very few chemical
    fertilizers or pesticides.
    ・Silver………….Last year’s Gold product.

    一番人気のType Gold

    All agricultural goods never used to use any chemical fertilizers of
    pesticides. Undoubtedly, that is the way it should be to keep within
    the natural ecosystem.

    We humans, as members of this natural
    ecosystem, depend on agriculture to survive. Of course, in the same
    ecosystem, the insects that eat olives have right to survive too. The
    ecosystem should support both.

    In the real world, the producer’s ability to survive suffers severely
    when the olives are hit by a major disease or insect plegue. There is
    a limit to the amount of damage the producers can sustain and still
    keep in business for the next season

    In Gefyra, we import, sell and unconditionally recommend the Glifada
    village Green label olive oil. It is the most natural and pure form of
    the product. However, we also import and sell Glifada
    village olive oil which is not cultivated using purely organic means.

    We do it because we understand the stark reality of what it means to
    actually wait for a healthy harvest in order to be
    able to feed your children, and because we know that these people only
    use the absolute minimum pesticides they have to, in order to protect
    their produce. As the social ecosystem, the chain between the
    producers and consumers, becomes more balanced and able to compensate
    for natural disasters, we expect to see the percentage of organic
    olive oil both produced and consumed grow more and more. while the
    fact remains that all products are 100% pure Kalamata Extra Virgin
    Olive Oil, and can be eaten safely and quite tastefully throughout
    their whole life cycle.

    Now you can purchase any of the above products at our on line shop.(In Japanese)

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