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    Kalamata is a very famous olive oil producing area of Greece. Within this area there is a small vilage called Karamanoli, were a few hundred famillies make their leaving by producing olive oil.

    My grandfather was one of them.I was raised with this olive oil.

    Every year in November we used to wait for the fresh olive oil to arrive from Karamanoli.

    When it arrived, we would taste it plain on bread, to check the quality of that year’s produce.

    Then, we would add it to a plate of hot soup, to enjoy it’s unique smell. My grandfather died living to me one part of the olive field, currently cultivated by the oil producer familly of mr. Katsias.

    Coming over to live in Japan, I deeply wanted to have a chance for my familly and friends to taste this olive oil.This year, my wish was finally realised as we started to import this olive oil to Japan.

    Both the oil producers of Karamanoli and me, we are gratefull that you selected our olive oil for your cooking.

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