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大阪ヨーロッパ映画祭 Osaka European Film Festival

第16回大阪ヨーロッパ映画祭が2009年1o月31 〜12月3日大阪ABCホールで開催されます。ホール前のリバーサイドデッキではグルメ広場、映画祭ヴィレッジが開かれ、私達がギリシャ料理のブースを出店することになりました!このグルメ広場は11 月21(土)〜23(月・祝)のAM10:00~PM22:00まで。ギリシャ料理の他にもインド、スイス、カタルーニャ、ハンブルクの料理や飲み物が出展されます。


The 16th Osaka European Film Festival is going to be held in 31st Oct to 3rd Dec, in ABC Hall, Osaka. During the  festival, international gourmet place will be opened for 3 days of 21st to 23rd of November, 10 Am to 10 Pm.

This place will be not only Greek meal but also India, Switzerland, Catalan and Hamburg. Why don’t you come to enjoy great films and meals?

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the wonderful river side.

Souvlki with pitta bread スブラキピタ

ギリシャ、中近東でよく食べられるピタパンの中に、  オレガノやさまざまなスパイスをじっくり漬け込んだ 最高級の牛肉、ジャジキ、玉ねぎ、トマト、パセリ、 パプリカをはさみます。味よし香りよし見た目よし、と言うことなしの逸品です。

Souvlaki with pitta bread 2Souvlaki with pitta bread

Pitta bread is well known as a fast food in Greece and Middle East. This time, we serve you perfect beef with oregano flavor, tzatziki, onion, tomato, paisley and paprika inside the tasty pitta bread.

We have confidence in this plate!




Drink and Meze

Meze is a little bit of many different nibblies in one plate. There are traditional Greek cheese, Feta, Olive, Taramosarata, which is cod roe with bread and potatoes, tzatziki, fish with oregano flavor, and piece of bread in the picture.

What would you like to drink, Greek wine, beer of Mythos or ouzo?

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