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パスハ 2 Pascha 2




The biggest and the most important annual event of the Greek Orthodox Church, Pascha. It is celebration of the Resurrection and the advent of spring. Megali Sarakosti will be over on the 28th March. After that day until Pascha, people don’t eat even seafoods and olive oil.

Meets, eggs, milk products and alcohol will be allowed on Pascha. So Greek people enjoy eating as usual. Men barbecue  lamp, pig or rabbit, women make Easter Egg, Tsoureki (Pascha bread) and Koulourakia Paschalina (Pascha biscuit). Mageiritsa (offal soup  of lamp) of  Kokorec (kebab of lamp offal) are also traditional, but there vary in different islands, areas and families.

During Pascha, usually schools and companies are off. So, people plan to go seeing their families or their own travel. It is a pleased long holiday for them,  it is the same as New Year’s holiday or Obon holiday in Japan, isn’t it?