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The word “organic” didn’t use to exist, because all agricultural foods were organic. Undoubtably, that is the way it should be kept within the natural ecosystem. We humans, as members of this natural ecosystem, depend on agriculture to survive.

We created chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It must have been great inventions. But it has big affect on the both of human bodies and nature world.

Nowadays, unfortunately, the utilization purpose of it has changed to benefit, pride,ambition and sense of competition of the producers and sellers.

Even so, it might be risky that high commendation to organic. We also think about the reality of manpower constraints, aging and economy problem of farm families.

In Japan, non-JAS foods are not allowed to use the word “organic” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and FIsheries of Japan. This it the low for protecting consumers from vicious producers and sellers.

However, we humans give permission for our creation, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Do you think it makes sense? I don’t think so. This is only bureaucratic idea.

I want to choose my own foods by myself. The foods I could feel goodwill of producers. The foods I could convince the selling purpose. Do you know why? I just want to eat good and safe foods.