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学校給食 School lunches


http://www.ted.com/talks/ann_cooper_talks_school_lunches.html (日本語字幕も出ます)












Recently, I have been interested in school lunches, then I found a great speech of American chef, Ann Cooper.


In this speech, she says that we must feed children some more simple foods, the freshness of the ingredients, instead of fast foods. She also says that the issue of the chronic diseases in childhood and the childhood obesity are getting more seriously, so school lunches are immediately needed an overhaul.

As I and my family used to live in the suburbs of Chicago some years ago, I was surprised to the menu of the school lunches for our kids. Let me take one example.

Mon : Piece of bread, Fried chicken, Boiled carrot

Tue : Macaroni and cheese,  Fried potatoes, Candy bar

Wed : Happy set of Mac Donald with a toy

Thu : Chocolate cake, Banana, Potato chips, Jelly

Fri : Hot dog, Mix vegetables, Snickers

The school lunch was a matter of choice. We could chose a chocolate cake instead of a fried chicken, for example, or we could take a home-made lunch, too. May be it was freedom in America.

There is an opinion that children today are happy because they can choose for their own foods. It is true if talking about just after the war, but in other words, that opinion means children can eat only they want to. In the super market, there are too many colorful snacks and breads and sausages and meat balls, even in Japan. Then they chose these lovely shape of manufactured foods. Are they really happy?

Ms Cooper says, and I also agree with her, that it is the time for teaching children what they choose for their foods. What will happen if they are continually eating these pink breads. What the real reason of making these foods is…

What is your opinion?