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Happy New Year!









2010 is already here!

I’d like to give special thanks to people who sent us their comments, people who gave us their advice regarding this blog and our new business. Last but not least I would like to thank all of you who honor us by visiting and reading this blog.

This year, we are going to officially start importing and selling our olive oil. The olives harvested during the late fall are already being processed into the freshest olive oil, coming to Japan by this spring. We’ll let you know when it’s here! Please be patient, we won’t let you down!

Another new activity is that we plan to ask some shops around the Kobe area to sell some of our home-made Greek foods, starting with Spanakopita. This will be a very good chance to introduce real Greek foods to all of you. If you have any special request for a particular Greek food you’d like to taste, please let us know.

We are also ready and working on new projects regarding events, catering and travel to Greece.

Finally, I will start posting some of our own variations of recipes for Greek foods using some ingredients from the Japanese cooking. In our family, we very much like soy products, like Tofu, Okara and all kinds of seaweeds and mushrooms. We generally don’t use butter in our everyday cooking and we mostly cook lightly, so naturally we experiment with adjusting original Greek recipes and adjusting them to our taste. As important as preserving traditional Greek recipes is, experimenting with the new and broadening one’s food creation and presentation skills is equally important in order to keep growing. I am really looking forward to pursuing my passion for Greek foods, it is my  joy, and I really hope you enjoy them too.

Best wishes for the coming year. Peace to the world.
Happy new year.