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パスハ Pascha



パスハ直前の46日間、今年は2月15日から3月28日まで メガリサラコスティ(四旬節)といい、肉、魚、乳製品、アルコールなどを断ちます。その間はプラソリゾ(ネギのリゾット)イェミスタ(野菜の米詰め)などの米料理、ファソラーダ(豆スープ)などを食べます。ラデラと呼ばれるこれらの料理は、野菜や豆、オリーブオイルと最小限の調味料だけで作られる、シンプルな料理です。




Pascha is the most important annual event of the Greek Orthodox Church, even more important than Christmas. Pascha holds a central position between all annual festivities, the dates of most christian events and holidays are determined relative to Pascha. It is called Pascha by the Greek Orthodox Church, while for the Catholic Church it is called Easter.

This year Pascha will be celebrated on the 4th of April. For 46 days before Pascha, there is a preparation period called Megali Sarakosti (Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή), the days of fasting, from February 15th to March 28th this year. During Sarakosti, Greek people keep away from meat, fish, dairy products and alcohol, and eat very simple meals with vegetables, beans and minimum seasonings. Prasorizo (Leek risotto), Gemista and Fasolada are a few common dishes during this period.

Apokries (Απόκριες) is the 3 weeks preceiding Megali Sarakosti, this year from 24th January to 14th February. Apokries are 3 weeks of feasting, drinking and masquerade partying before the beginning of the fasting.

During February and March, while Greece prepares for Pascha,  in this blog, I will be posting some recipes of foods for Megali Sarakosti.