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Eating is agreeable events. When we meet a delicious meal, we feel happy and feel saying thanks for this.

Eating also has meaning of living. Because eating makes us waking up and sleepy. At that moment, we could realize we are alive.

So perhaps, eating is asking us what happiness or living is anyway.

I was brought up with an usual Japanese family and an usual Japanese diet such as rice, say sauce and miso. In these family enviroment, I learned naturally to how to hold chopsticks, how to eat a fish, eating posture, attitude and language for superiors.

However, after marriage, I have begun to understand this normal Japanese manner is the one and only. I feel the more I like Greek foods, the more I find something new of Japanese foods.

Why I could find new things of Japanese foods in Greek foods, although they are totally different?

In my frame of mind, there is a simple idea that everything, not only  foods but also everything anyway, connects eath other on a fundamental level in our world.

So there are two reasons how I started this blog is. One of that is I’d like to write receipes of wonderful Greek foods for you. And the other is that I try to find new things of Japan just for my own feeling.

May be, the question, what is eating, what is liveng, what is happiess, what are people, is lasting forever for me, but I’m glad to start this blog that you visit to read it.

Thanks for visiting.