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ではワイン片手にギリシャ料理をどうぞ。「スティンニ ヤマス!」(乾杯!)

Fetacheese is a kind of cheese usually made from sheep or goat milk, which is one of the most traditional Greek foods. It’s taste is a little salty and has a unique smell. If you love cheese, you’ve got to be dying for feta.

Unfortunately, only a few shops in Japan sell feta.

It has been ten years since I met my Greek husband and feta. Feta got me thinking that there must be many other fantastic foods in Greece. Then, I started writing Greek food recipes for the hungry spirit.

One of the things that is absolutely essential to Greek cuisine is olive oil. Olive oil is known as the best plant oil for our beauty and health. Greece is the birthplace of olive oil and is still the top olive oil consuming country in the world. Thanks to the olive oil, Greece is showing an extremely lower rate of heart disease incidents than any other European country.

So, it is said that “The best olive oil in Greece is the No.1 in the world.”

When we talk about Greek food, another element we shouldn’t overlook is the cuisine of neighboring countries of Greece, such as Cyprus, Turkey, Arab, North Europe and Middle east. Greek cuisine has both influenced and has itself been influenced by the food culture of these countries. It is very often that you find among these cuisines the same food under different names, or even the same name used for different version of the same dish.

This blog is mainly concentrated on the Greek version of these recipes.

Thanks for visiting us and I hope you enjoy.

Now, are you ready to follow your appetite to Greece? Let’s lift our wine glass and toast “Stin ni yamas”! (cheers!)