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    In recent day, it is very very cold in Japan.

    At the last time, we introduced about the turbidnes of olive oil, so this time, here is a story about aroma of olive oil in winter.

    As you know, what is the most important for olive oil is the aroma. But in Winter, unfortunately, it is decreased. So at the tasting of olive oil and the exam of olive oil sommelier, they take a olive oil cup in their hands, because its should be warmer for recognizing smell.

    Remember, olive oil is from the Aegean Sea, which is dry and hot summer.

    Special stores of olive oil, they usually set the temperature at 15 to 20 degrees.

    This is the attribute and nothing bad for quality and taste at all , the same as turbidnes, but we want to enjoy the great aroma even in Winter.

    So, why don’t you use it for salad but not cold, hot salad, or bread but not plane, bake little. The finish for pizza, pasta and soup is of course always going well. If you live in Japan, try it with Nabe, pot meal. Home-made sesame sauce is just wonderful, a mixed with olive oil and ponzu is unforgettable!


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